April 2014  
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Ox Bow Kindergarten Round-Up

April 22 from 5:30-7:00

Important information regarding Kindergarten Round-Up:

  1. Bring necessary paperwork to register your child:
    1. Birth Certificate (official health department certificate)
    2. Proof of Residency (lease or mortgage)
    3. Photo ID/Current Driver’s License
    4. Immunization/Shot Records (if possible)
  2. Please only bring Kindergarten students with you
    so you can give them your full attention while they see classrooms and learn about school.It’s a special day for them!
  3. It is not an open house. We hope for all future
    Kindergarteners and parents to join us from 5:30-7:00.
  4. We will give you an idea of what Kindergarten at Ox Bow
    is like as well as give you some time register
    your child, walk on a school bus, get a snack, meet our PTO, check about before/after school care during the school year,
    and get to know the school and staff.
  5. If you have questions about registering your child
    or you want to get paperwork ahead of time,
    please call 875-8538 and ask!
    See you on April 22nd at Ox Bow!

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Days Missed   Make Up Days
January 8, 23-24, 27-28 = Extended school days
 January 29 = May 30
February 5 = June 2
February 7 = June 3
March 12
 = June 4
CHS Graduation will still be June 5, 2014.
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Like most public schools across the state, Concord Community School Corporation has been facing several financial obstacles of the past several years. In an effort to communicate the details the school district created an overview of the current budget as well as links containing additional, more detailed information regarding the challenges that lay ahead. The information and links are meant to provide the Concord school community and our patrons with facts about the significant financial challenges facing our school district. Please click here for additional information.

Attendance Message for February

120 students were in everyday
and on time for the 2nd grading period.

Nothing is more important to your child’s future than going to school every day. As a family member or guardian, you can play a big role in making sure that your child is on the path to success by: Talking to them about the importance of going to school on time every day, and planning appointments and vacations when school is out of session.

Welcome to
Ox Bow Elementary School

Welcome to Ox Bow Elementary School!

 Mr. Myers   By Mr. Kent Myers

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Welcome to Ox Bow Elementary School!  We are very interested in keeping you informed about Ox Bow Elementary.  We are a K-4 elementary school and part of the Concord Community Schools between the cities of Elkhart and Goshen.   Our community is heavily involved in all of Concord Schools and is a great support of academics, athletic and music programs. Ox Bow staff and parents are committed and invested in providing students the best education they can receive as we build strong character and academic foundations in our children. 

Other important information about Ox Bow:

  • We have about 500 students with approximately one hundred students in each grade.
  • Class sizes are currently between 22-28 students per classroom.
  • Between 79%-84% of 3rd and 4th graders passed Language Arts and Math ISTEP tests in 2011-12 (due to technical issues at the state level we do not have 2012-13 scores at this time)
  • 96%of 3rd graders passed IREAD-3 in 2012-13
  • Students visit Ox Bow County Park four or more times each year (the park borders our property).
  • Ox Bow has a very involved and active PTO. Please email if you are interested in supporting a program.
  • We have a volunteer program called SOAR in which community members visit students every week for 30 minutes to provide academic support and build relationships with students. If you wish to participate and are willing to give 30 minutes each week, please contact Sarah Hooley at  SOAR has supported 50-80 students each year.
  • To learn more about Ox Bow Elementary, please visit the Indiana Department of Education information site at

If you still have questions or interest in finding out more about Ox Bow Elementary, please feel free to call the Ox Bow office at (574) 875-8538 or email me at

Kent Myers

  • 8:25 Student Arrival
  • 8:25 - 8:45 Breakfast
  • 8:50  Day Begins
  • 3:35  Day Ends
  • 3:45  Buses Leave

•Lunch Schedule

 Grade    Lunch    Recess
 4th Grade
  11:15- 11:35
  11:35 – 12:00
 Kindergarten   11:40 - 12:00
  12:00 - 12:25
 2nd Grade   12:05 - 12:25

12:25 - 12:50
 3rd Grade   12:30-12:50   12:50 – 1:15
 1st Grade
  12:55-1:15   1:15-1:35

Enrollment for all grade levels:
Bring the following documents:
  • Student's birth certificate or court document
    of guardianship
  • Parent/Guardian's driver's license
  • Proof of residency (Mortgage deed,
    current lease, etc)
  • Student's immunization records